Visual Field Test 视野检查

A visual field test is an eye examination that can detect dysfunction in central and peripheral vision which may be caused by various medical conditions such as glaucoma, stroke, pituitary disease, brain tumors or other neurological defects.

Approximate duration: 15 minutes – 25 minutes

视野检查是利用仪器里面运转着的视标测定相等灵敏度的各点, 所连之线称等视线,记录视野的周边轮廓。 以此得出视野是否正常或缺损, 以确诊或排除有关一些眼科疾病譬如青光眼、脑中风、脑肿瘤或其他有关视神经眼科疾病等。

需时估计: 15 – 25分钟。

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