Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) 光学相干断层扫描

OCT is a non-invasive imaging technique. OCT uses light waves to take cross- section pictures of the retina and optic nerve. With the OCT, the Ophthalmologists can see each of the retina and/or optic nerve’s distinctive layers, and to investigate any abnormalities from the scans.

Approximate duration: 20-30 minutes

OCT 是一种最新的眼科光学诊断技术,可进行活体眼组织显微镜结构的非接触式、非侵入性断层成像。OCT可以观察眼前节, 又能显示眼后节的形态结构, 对于眼底疾病尤其是视网膜疾病的诊断、视神经病变的诊断、随访观察及治疗效果评价等方面具有良好的应用范围。

需时估计: 20-30分钟

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