Honest statement and no promise of miracles

The Western trained eye specialists described my eye conditions as follows:


(a)  My retina is so stretched that it is not possible to snap back into any position close to the original location or position. Moreover, it is torn in many places. This description applies to both my right and left eye’s retina.


(b)  The macula of both my eyes have degenerated. Thus, I am left with jigsaw puzzle vision on parts.


A chance meeting during a morning walk led to the recommendation of Dr Pat Lim. It took me several months to decide to consult her. Dr Lim is a western-trained Optometrist who has practiced at the established institutions for many years.  At the same time, she is also a fully qualified TCM practitioner from the Beijing Chinese Medicine University, a Medical Doctorate holder in integrative medicine in TCM Ophthalmology. After examining my eyes using all the western equipment commonly seen in eye hospitals and clinics, she said she will try her best in using the TCM philosophy of wholistic approach and the principle of treating an issue at the root. Honest statement and no promise of miracles.

I have been consuming the medication Dr Pat Lim prescribes for several months now and I am still consuming. The results are:

(a)  The white pillar (2) that blocked my right eye are now gone.


(b)  In the 2020 Dongzhi Festival (December 2020,  winter arrives as in the Chinese calendar), I was able to pick out the pink Tang Yuan (Glutinous Ball) from the white ones. Hitherto, they were all of one colour to me – white.



(c)   Before daybreak when the sky is at its darkest, I can see the stars like pinpoints. Hitherto, the sky was like a black board to me. Imagine my delight!


Dr Pat Lim is well versed in the variations of my herbal medications, she varies the weekly medicine according to my need. A very experienced and skilful TCM Ophthalmologist.  I would highly recommend her to any one with eye issues. However, be patient and realistic in expectations also.


Chua Soon Keow

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