Thank you Dr Pat for treating my husband on Fungal Infected Corneal eye disease


This is a long overdue appreciation to Dr Pat Lim. Although a year has passed but we still wish to express our heartfelt thanks to her great help and professionalism advised when we were lost and felt helpless.


This was happened in year Dec 2021, my husband was suffered from an eye disease. We went to TTSH and also second opinion from a private hospital. They were unable to detect the infection and could only gave medicine to test on it. Eventually, the medicine to cure fungus seems worked on it and he was treated as fungus infection. However, we were told he could not fully recover unless going through cornea transplants.


A second thoughts came in mind, what about seeking help from TCM. I started to google and we found Dr Pat Lim is the specialist in TCM eye care. Thank god, we made the right move.


When we 1st consulted her, she is confident to treat the eye disease, however as he was badly infected it might take awhile for the recovery. As usual, our perception in the process of TCM is slow so we decided to gauge the progress by 3 months. To our surprise after 1 week of the medication, the situation improved and the redness subsided. When we back to TTSH for the review the result was impressed, the Dr no longer shook his head, instead we were told the result is good.


A year has gone, his eye is getting better each day and could see clearer without going through the cornea transplant. Once again, thanks Dr Pat for the patience and the treatment. 



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