Dr Pat 's clinic has adopted a set of more advanced testing instruments and modern approaches to examine my eyes as compared to

I suffered 6th cranial serve illness on my right eye where western doctor diagnosed and asked me to wait for another month for further observation. 

I felt very uneasy and uncomfortable as there was no immediate prescribed medication to relieve my illiness. I decided to look for a TCM treatment knowing that I do not have to do an eye surgery. I also understand TCM Treatment is not quick fix and will take time. I Googled and found I C U Eye Care Unit at Singapore Federation Business and immediately made appointment to see Dr Pat Lim.

I went through three thorough examinations by Dr Pat Lim's very friendly,  professional and knowledgeable assistant within an hour. I must say Dr Pat's clinic has adopted a set of more advanced testing instruments and modern appraoches to examime my eyes as compare to that of the western doctor that I first visited.

Dr Pat diagnosed that I had qi stagnation and prescribed me to take twice a day TCM herbal medicine for the first one month followed by once a week acupuncture session.

I was not nervous about the needles even though that was the first time I had acupuncture. Dr Lim also gave me some advice on diet and lifestyle changes to improve my health.

After 10 weeks of treatment,  I had a very significant improvement which now I could do my daily walking plus once a week hiking.

I was amazed by the results and grateful to Dr Pat and her team's expertise and care.

I strongly recommend I C U Eye Care to anyone who is looking for a natural holistic and integrated ways to heal their body and mind.

Thanks again,  Dr Pat Lim
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