Honest statement and no promise of miracles

After examing my eyes using all the western equipment commonly seen at the hospitals and eye clinics,  she told me she will try her best to use the TCM philosophy of wholistic approach and the principle of treating an...
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I am so thankful to have met Dr Pat. She shares a lot of her knowledge and looks at my lifestyle as a whole

I have recurrent uveitis with high eye pressure which required me to constantly be on steroid eye drops. It was very frustrating, uncomfortable and painful.
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融贯中西, 让我第一次体会到林博士开设这高大上眼科诊疗中心的风采 - 黄春祥医师
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认识 Dr Pat 是在一种很特殊的因缘之下。 我在2012年的一次例常体检中发现眼睛有了黄斑病变的情况。 我在那时候完全不能接受这么样的事实, 于是去看了好几位眼睛专科医生。 这些医生的结论是黄斑病变是目前没有药物可以根治的眼睛疾病...
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TCM takes a holistic view of the body and aims to balance and strengthen the organs in order to improve eye health

Dr Lim is a very caring and friendly TCM ophthalmologist who will spend time to review my eye condition through the OCT scan and checking on other indicators. She is always prompt in giving advice whenever I have any...
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Despite various eye drops and did punctal plugs to both eyes, as prescribed by Western doctors, my condition did not improve

I was diagnosed with dry eyes syndrome due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction in 2014. Despite various eye drops and did punctal plugs to both eyes, as prescribed by Western doctors, my condition did not improve...
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我的左眼在2018年有视神经萎缩的问题, 带给我很大的困扰, 西医的诊断不能带来任何改善

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She can treat eye disorders holistically. She can treat both the root causes as well as symptoms of eye ailments efficiently

I am Rush K Sabai, 73 yrs of age. In October 2017 I had the “Red Eye” syndrome, both my eyes were bloodshot red. In January 2018 an acquaintance recommended me to Dr Pat Lim, I consulted her in `February 2018 and...
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A friend referred me to ICU Eye Care Unit to seek treatment from Dr Pat Lim, who is one of the rare TCM physicians in Singapore

I developed double vision due to a traumatic nerve palsy after an accident. I was keen on trying acupuncture as I had read that it can be useful in treating nerve palsies...
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TCM works but it is slow process. So one has to be patient enough to see results. I trust TCM method and Dr Pat Lim

I am very pleased to be under the care of Dr Pat Lim (ICU eye clinic) I was under her care since Feb 2019. It was my first time there. I had retinas problem and they were in a bad state. Dr Pat Lim is very caring and...
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